THE MARSHMALLOW OVERCOAT – \”Groovy Little Trip\” / Stop It Baby\” (Dionysus Records 8601) 1986

Back in the mid to late 80s I caught the so called \’garage revival\’ disease and spent most of my spare income buying \’now sounds\’ records. I have built up quite a healthy collection and whenever I see anything that I don\’t have I try to add it to my boxes.

Take this debut disc by the prolific Marshmallow Overcoat for instance. I never even saw it back in the 80s so was very pleased to find a copy last week for sale on eBay. If you don\’t already know, this band were led by Timothy Gassen, who has since wrote the fabulous book \”The Knights Of Fuzz\”, a perfect document for the garage and psych revival groups from the 80s and 90s. His update book covers contemporary groups with the garage sound.

\”Groovy Little Trip\” is an extended blast of garage psych noise with tremolo guitar and the unrestrained growl of \”Randy Love\” a.k.a. Timothy Gassen. The original was recorded by Tommy Jett. I first became aware of the song in the mid 80s when the original was compiled on \”Texas Flashback #5\” The other side is a version of \”Stop It Baby\” originally released by The Heard. Check it out via Pebbles #7. It\’s also a worthy take.

Tim has a regular presence on Facebook and is always happy to answer any questions about his group, book and other projects. I have been curious why he went by the \”Randy Love\” alias so asked him earlier this week.

\”Randy Love\” was a character I invented to be the lead singer of the Marshmallow Overcoat and for a radio show I was doing — I dropped the name once we started touring.\” (Tim Gassen)

misc details:
record produced by Timothy Gassen and engineered by Dave Slutes at Sitting Duck Studios in Tucson, Arizona during July 1986.

Lead Growl: Randy Love
Bass Throb: Linda Andes
Farfisa Organ: Jeff Puhl
Electric Fuzz: Al Perry
Primal Beat: B.G. King

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