THE CYNICS – \”Painted My Heart\” / \”Sweet Young Thing\” (Dionysus) 1985

This is only the second time that I\’ve highlighted a Cynics record on my blog, now it\’s gonna be their debut disc from 1985 on Dionysus. I\’ve waited years to obtain this disc but managed to find a copy earlier this week.

\”Painted My Heart\” is a Cynics original. The first couple of plays I wasn\’t that struck on it to be honest although it has grown on my since. I thought the vocals were just not right although the guitar sound was great including a very good guitar break mid song. It all sounds to me like an American indie rock group. It was a few plays in before I sussed out that the singer was not Michael Kastelic.

Further investigations and research cleared things up once and for all. The vocalist on both sides of the disc was original frontman Mark Keresman. He didn\’t last long as singer after this single was released and was replaced by Kastelic.

The other side is a version of \”Sweet Young Thing.\” It\’s quite clear that The Cynics were \’missing\’ something here though.

Both songs were recorded at Asterik Studios, Pittsburgh PA.

Mark Keresman (vocals)
Gregg Kostelich (guitar)
Richard Schnap (guitar)
Amy Mathesius (bass)
Bill Von Hagen (drums)

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