THE MALTEES FOUR – \”You\” (The Cicadelic 60s – 1966 Revisited)

I\’ve had the only single by The Maltees Four in my eBay search engine for several years and it\’s never appeared on the radar apart from listings of the 80s compilation album in my photograph. As such, I\’m thinking that the record is very scarce.

According to \”Teenbeat Mayhem\” The Maltees Four hailed from La Puente, CA and their single was released on (Pacific Challenger 112 – March 1966). \”You\” b/w \”All Of The Time\” are beautiful teen folk janglers with harmonies. As you probably know by now, this type of perfection is my domain. One day I will track this record down but until then and with a heavy heart I\’m gonna have to make do with their compilation appearance on \”The Cicadelic 60s\”

Someone has uploaded a label scan of \”You\” to the Discogs site and from that I can garner that the songwriting credits go to four members. Only surnames are provided, those being Egan, Greenberg, Johnson and Saylor. Production credit goes to Angela Egan.

2 thoughts on “THE MALTEES FOUR – YOU

  1. Colin, excellent 45 and one of my favorites. I did manage to score a copy on EBay back in 2012 for the ridiculously low price of $13. In fact, the scan that appears on Discogs is my copy that someone lifted off my blog. Keep your eyes open, I'm sure a copy will turn up.


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