THE DOORS – \”End Of The Night\” (Elektra 8122-79788-8) January 1967

Looking back through the mists of time I reckon that I discovered The Doors sometime in 1981. I know that I was still at school and in my mid teens. I probably found out about The Doors from an Echo and the Bunnymen feature or review in Sounds or NME.

That\’s how it was back then, I\’d read something about a group I liked and perhaps another \’unknown\’ to me group were mentioned as an influence. Weeks later I\’d be delving back in time to the 60s where I\’d remain lost in my own psychedelic chamber. I still inhabit that chamber, I threw away the key many years ago and have no wish to leave. 

The Doors innovative debut album was recorded at Sunset Sound Recorders, Hollywood during the end of August 1966. It was packaged and in the shops four months later during January 1967. Back then it was released in both stereo and mono mixes, the latter was deleted not long later and has subsequently become a very hard to find item for several decades until it was packaged as a MONO re-issue \”Record Store Day\” release back in 2011.

Check out the mono mix of \”End Of The Night.\” This song was one of the earliest Doors compositions and dates from 1965.

\”Some are born to sweet delight, some are born to the endless night.\”

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