THE DOORS – \”Wild Child\” (Elektra 42 079) July 1969

The fourth Doors studio album was recorded at Elektra Sound Recorders, Los Angeles through July 1968 to May 1969. That\’s a long time to be working on an album and it shows! It\’s way to disjointed to hold my interest and the use of brass and strings do not suit The Doors sound at all. Jim Morrison\’s vocals are deeper and croonerish, not really my scene. No wonder I don\’t really play this album much, today\’s turntable spin is the first time since the late 80s

As I\’ve suggested the album is a departure in sound from their earlier recordings incorporating brass and string arrangements, the mystical interludes have been replaced by experimental jazz, soft pop and bluesgrass. The couple of songs I do rate date from mid to late 1968 notably the blues rockin\’ \”Wild Child\” which was the B-Side of their December 1968 single \”Touch Me\”

The back to basic rocker \”Easy Ride\” harks back to 1967. The rest though all sounds too ponderous and overblown for my tastes, the title track and album closer \”The Soft Parade\” verges on progressive rock and there\’s no way I\’m going anywhere near that kinda bag.

At this point in time it has been suggested by band members that Jim Morrison had little interest in studio work, missed rehearsals and became distant from the other Doors. The \’magic\’ was gone from this long player that\’s for sure.

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