CRYSTAL SYPHON – \”Marcy, Your Eyes\” (Roaratorio 25) 2012

Crystal Syphon were a West Coast group from a little known town called Merced who recorded songs during 1967-68 but for various reasons never signed to any label, consequently their music remained on tapes and hidden away for over 40 years.

There is usually a lot of hype surrounding long lost music from the 60s and this album \”Family Evil\” of unreleased recordings justifies the hype especially if your kinda bag is extended psychedelic guitar rock, introspection, fuzz leads and on occasion harmonies.

There are numerous internet sites and reviews highlighting Crystal Syphon\’s work so I\’m not gonna go into detail on my blog. All I\’ll do is recommend this album with the assurance that you\’re gonna dig it. File in the same category as Moby Grape, Quicksilver Messenger Service and Tripsichord Music Box.

The song I\’ve chosen from the set is \”Marcy, Your Eyes\” recorded at Victory Recording Studios, Fresno, CA in June 1967 

Crystal Syphon Back row standing from Left Tom Salles, Dave Sprinkel, the late Marvin Greenlee. Leaning on rail from left Jeff Sanders, Bob Greenlee. Seated Jim Sanders.

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