THE RIOT SQUAD – \”Freaking Out\” (Record Collector LP006) 2013

Long time British magazine \’Record Collector\’ started releasing rare and obscure recordings on their own label a few years back using heavyweight vinyl pressings, lavish covers and as you would expect from such a professional and well established magazine each release comes with plenty of accurate information.

This Riot Squad release was rescued from a well worn acetate. The group had laid down some recordings at Advision Studios, London on two occasions during October 1967. Those recordings had some post production work done on them but nothing was ever released.

I highly recommend this album if you ever find a copy, it had a limited run of 750 copies only. My pick is their version of \”Steppin\’ Out\” which was first recorded by Memphis Slim but most record collectors will no doubt be more familiar with the John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers version that appeared on their \”Beano\” album with Eric Clapton. Indeed the latter took it with him to Cream where they\’d play it at gigs.

The Riot Squad\’s version was titled \”Freaking Out\” on the acetate for some reason. It\’s a really strong take showcasing the guitar skills of Rod Davis.

\’Croak\’ Prebble (vocals)
Bob Evans (sax/flute)
Del Roll (drums)
Butch Davis (organ)
Rod Davis (guitar) 
Pete Allen (bass)


  1. Oh bugger, now I've got to get this because if you listen closely maybe you can hear me being born in the background (on the other side of the planet). I've had a thing for anything recorded October 1967 since I found out Dionne Warwick recorded a famous song on my birthday. Very narcissistic I am. Always good to read you!


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