THE RUINS – \”She Doesn\’t Understand\” (Particles LP4020) 2013

Today\’s album spin is this compilation of late 60s psychedelic groups armed with fuzz pedals. I\’m particular sick cos this LP brings us the fuzztacular \”Bawling\” by Thackeray Rocke. I had a chance of buying a copy for $200 some years back but bought something else instead.
some you win MOST you lose.

\”Fistful Of Fuzz\” was released some time in the 90s but this album on Particles is a re-issue. It\’s a good effort too and sounds very good indeed. They\’ve used heavyweight vinyl, upgraded the sonics and have enclosed a sheet of liners with information about each song used. Most are from rare psychedelic 45s but the one I\’m focusing on is from a one of a kind acetate.

The Ruins came from Central New Jersey and comprised Joe Mavica on lead vocals, Andy Fekete on lead guitar, Bill Shaw played rhythm guitar, Bruce Schofield on bass and Alan Mansfield on drums. \”She Doesn\’t Understand\” was taken from a 1967 Regend Sound acetate taped by Geno Viscione in the back of a Shopping Mall. The other side of the acetate was \”The Gordel Postulate\” which I\’ve not heard but I believe is also worth hearing.

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