PUBLIC NUISANCE – \”7 or 10\” (Third Man Records) 2012

Today\’s spin is the late 1968 early 1969 recordings by Public Nuisance.
They were from Sacramento, CA. Their producer was Terry Melcher but the album was shelved after the Manson Family murders took place at his property which had been leased to Roman Polanski.
After a couple of plays this one has really burrowed it\’s way into my mind.

Difficult to describe and categorize…. bits of Love, Lollipop Shoppe, weirdness, baroque psychedelia and a gentle love ballad \”7 or 10\”

Here\’s a photo of an earlier line-up when they were called Moss and the Rocks. Their crude folk jangler \”There She Goes\” was compiled on \’Garage Beat \’66 \”Feeling Zero\”

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