TEDDY AND HIS PATCHES – \”Haight Ashbury\” / \”It Ain\’t Nothin\” (Chance 669) June 1967

I wrote about their first disc \”Suzy Creamcheese\” back in 2007 and here I am some eight years later picking up where I left off with their fabulous second and final 45 \”Haight Ashbury\”
Teddy and his Patches were a short lived outfit from San Jose but they certainly left their mark on the garage psych collector scene with their vinyl output.

\”Haight Ashbury\” written by members Teddy Flores and lead guitarist Bernard Pearson is a punkedelic classic with it\’s moody opening beat and pissed off rant about the cops and the low-lives of the hippie scene. Mid way through, the pace quickens and the psychedelic effects take the listener on another trip altogether. This time it\’s an Eastern raga colouring the pictures. Let your mind wander while taking in the trippy guitar break…. such a fantastic sound, pure \’67 mind tripper.

For such a talented group and one that was very active with gigs on the West Coast it\’s a shame that they recorded a dismal kazoo led vaudeville indiscretion for the flip. I\’m sure they would have had a superior song in their repertoire.


  1. I've had this one on a comp for a while, but for some reason I always skipped it. Guess I never made it to the guitar break. WOW, I'm never cutting my hair again!


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