THE LINCOLN\’S – \”Come Along And Dream\” / \”Smile Baby Smile\” (Tripp Records 45-1000) March 1969

According to \’Teenbeat Mayhem\’ The Lincoln\’s hailed from the North Bonneville – Stevenson area of Washington in USA. I\’ve read elsewhere that they\’ve been incorrectly attributed to Vancouver in Canada.

The name on this label is probably a typo because they\’re The Lincolns on other releases. Perhaps their most well known is the organ/sax punker \”We Got Some\” on Dot Records in 1966.

This record dates from early 1969 but the music sounds like it\’s come from at least a year earlier. \”Come Along And Dream\” is a fast paced fuzz and hammond organ-a-go-go rocker the ends in a barrage of psychedelic studio effects. It was compiled on \’Highs In The Mid Sixties #7\’

The other side \”Smile Baby Smile\” is a jaunty beatsville mover sounding not unlike some of those beaty Monkees numbers. Love the twangin\’ guitar on this one. Currently uncompiled.

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