KASENETZ – KATZ SINGING ORCHESTRAL CIRCUS – \”Quick Joey Small (Run Joey Run)\” / \”Rumble \’69\” (Buddah Records 201 022) October 1968

The kings of bubblegum wrote, produced and recorded hundreds of songs during the late sixties and I won\’t go into their history because it\’s all over the internet if you\’re interested. This single released in Britain during October 1968 is an obscurity though and deserves to be highlighted here on my blog.

The top side \”Quick Joey Small (Run Joey Run)\” is a typical bouncy bubblegum pop number, very catchy and was probably a hit in some American States. The B-Side of the US release was their version of \”(Poor Old) Mr Jensen\” which was also recorded by The 1910 Fruitgum Company. I wrote about their version a month or so ago.

Curiously, the B-Side of the UK release was \”Rumble \’69\” and not \”(Poor Old) Mr Jensen.\” As far as I know \”Rumble \’69\” was never released in the States and it does not appear on their album titled \”Kasenetz – Katz Singing Orchestral Circus.\”

It\’s an obscure flip side that will have interest to some if pounding heavy psychedelic instrumentals with a hard driving beat are your bag. It\’s almost an overdose of noise and effects. There is no real melody or tune. In fact it\’s probably studio musicians experimenting and coming up with a throwaway B-Side. \”Rumble \’69\” would make perfect sense used as background noise for a drug scene in a film.

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