LOST AND FOUND – \”I Realize\” (Get Back 538) re-issue 1968

Some kind of spell shows me; that more is to be said about communication, that is, relating personal interpretations of one\’s own experiences or dreams, than could be related through countless volumes of literary verse; also that relating is not so much the difficult task as is the hope of honest reflections or connections of a listener or viewer, necessary to complete communication. (I am aware that communication includes a number of senses, but I am referring to music and line or painted art only).

The name of the group itself, I think, is in direct relation to all living beings, for in daily participation in life or disassociation from life, everyone experiences a lost and found sensation.

I would also like to insert that in our generation, music is the strongest means of communication. When an individual or group of individuals share with you their soul\’s interpretation of their experiences, trials, and dreams, you must feel it!!!


2 thoughts on “LOST AND FOUND – I REALIZE

  1. I agree, my favorite tracks are the uptempo psych garage tunes: There Would Be No Doubt, I Realize, I'm So Hip to Pain. There hardly a clunker on here, which makes it my pick for #3 IA album after the first two 13th Floor lps. They followed with a non-lp 45 including the awesome Professor Black.


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