THE SUNSHINE COMPANY – \”A Stitch In Time Saves None\” (Liberty LBS-83159E) Sept 1968

\”Sunshine And Shadows\” was the third and final album by The Sunshine Company. They had started their career releasing \’67flower pop creations with memorable melodies and harmonies. Check out their hits \”Happy\” and \”Back On The Street Again\” for that kind of tuneful medicine.

By the middle of 1968 they added David Hodgkins on guitar, he had been previously with the respected Sunset Strip group The Grains Of Sand with Douglas Mark. The former was never credited on the album cover as being a member though and he wasn\’t even present on the super cool psychedelic photo adorning the front of the sleeve.

My pick of an overlooked set and one which is still a reasonable price is \”A Stitch In Time Saves None\” which demonstrates their move into a more serious and less poppy laid back rock style. I\’ve read that The Sunshine Company started recording songs for a fourth album but the group disbanded before any further releases materialized.

David Hodgkins and Douglas Mark then formed Redeye and enjoyed a couple of hit singles.
Bass player Larry Sims joined the Loggins And Messina Band. He died in December 2014.

Dallas Survey – September 1968

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