THE SUNSHINE COMPANY – \”You Don\’t Know Her Like I Do\” (Liberty LBS-83120E) 1968

I wrote about The Sunshine Company back in 2011 when I focused on their single \”Back On The Street Again\” so I thought it about time to delve into some of their obscure and highly recommended album tracks.

The album cover shown is my copy of their first release in Britain on the Liberty label. This was a combination of material from their first two American LPs. The cover is also different. I\’m not quite sure why a Roman soldier riding a Chariot was chosen as the front picture or/why this image would best suit The Sunshine Company? I\’d much prefer a photo of the group!

\”You Don\’t Know Her Like I Do\” written by folk singer-songwriter Steve Gillette, is a typically West Coast affair, sounding not unlike The Jefferson Airplane. For some strange reason this song was not compiled on the Rev-Ola \”Best Of\” CD release from 1999.

Steve Gillette also wrote one of The Sunshine Company\’s hits \”Back On The Street Again.\”

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