BILLY JOE ROYAL \”Pollyanna\” (CBS BPG-62590) August 1965

CBS is proud to welcome Billy Joe Royal, an electrifying new vocalist, to its distinguished roster of recording artists. Within a few weeks of its initial release in America, Billy Joe\’s debut single, \”Down In The Boondocks,\” moved with astonishing speed toward the top of the country\’s best-seller charts. Suddenly, an exciting new talent skyrocketed into national prominence.

Now, in his auspicious CBS debut album, this dynamic young singer is heard in a full programme of great songs, nine of them brand new – including his smash hit, \”Down In The Boondocks.\”

a versatile vocalist who also plays guitar, drums and piano, Billy Joe Royal was born in Valdosta, Georgia. When still a youngster, he moved with his family to Marietta, just north of Atlanta. In high school, he organized his first band and began performing at school functions and local social events.

After graduation, he was booked into one of Savannah\’s leading nightclubs. He was so successful that the club\’s manager persuaded him to remain as the star attraction. It turned out to be a two year engagement! Bill Joe\’s reputation has since spread far beyond the borders of his home state, and he and his band now perform in many clubs throughout the U.S.A.

Here, in introducing Billy Joe Royal, is America\’s newest talent, in a collection of powerful interpretations that mark him clearly as an impressive addition to the ranks of our finest singers.

(back cover liners)

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