STEVEN ROBACK – \”Brightside\” / \”Sudden Rain\” (Rough Trade 45rev23) October 1993

It\’s been a long time since I posted anything here not from the 60s but my plan is to post a lot more contemporary records, photos and ephemera on my blog in 2016.  I\’ll also revisit old entries and update the information, add more photos and perhaps upload a YouTube video. I have a lot of stuff and I dig sharing and finding out more information about certain items.

Take this obscure solo 45 on Rough Trade by ex Rain Parade member Steven Roback from October 1993 for instance. Steven played bass, guitar, added vocals and produced…. Aided by former band mate Matt Piucci on guitar, organ and percussion. So it\’s very much a project that will interest fans of Rain Parade… 

There is a fine \’Paisley Underground\’ Facebook group and I asked Matt to fill in some blanks. The photo of Steven adorning the front sleeve was taken by Missy Roback. The song \”Brightside\”
was done at the old Polymorph studios in Temescal, recorded by Stickman.

I believe \”Brightside\” was very much taster for the Viva Saturn album of the same name which came out a couple of years later in 1995 although the latter was a re-recording.

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