HEAD AND THE HARES – \”Painted Air\” / \”No Use In Tryin\” / \”How Many\” (Outer Limits OL.62.705) 1995

I posted images of both Head and the Hares singles way back in 2007 with the intention of writing about them, it seems that I forgot! For those who don\’t know Head and the Hares formed in Rome during the late 80s but at this point in time they were called The Spookies, their sound was also radically different going all out for 60s garage punkers.

They changed direction and name then started creating a much more subtle sound mixing low-key folk rock with the purist teen sounds from New England from the \’66 era. Their cover versions became much more obscure with less focus on \”Back From The Grave\” style boneshakers.

\”Painted Air\” originally recorded by The Remaining Few is an extraordinary cover version which is very faithful the 60s acid punk classic. Quite how The Head and the Hares were able to recreate this sound in the (mostly dullsville) 90s is mind boggling.

The other side of the disc is very special too. \”How Many\” is a low-key moody gem and that\’s followed by a killer version of The Five Bucks nugget \”No Use In Tryin\”
This is certainly one of my favourite 45s from Italy.

fab label design

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