THE CHOSEN FEW – \”Asian Chrome\” / \”The Earth Above The Sky Below\” (Liberty 55962) April 1967

There were numerous groups in the 60s called The Chosen Few, this particular outfit is believed to have been based in Simi Valley, California.

Their first single of two on the Liberty label was \”Synthetic Man\” / \”Last Man Alive\” and is well worth locating, quite a strange sound creation, many ideas too. The same can be said for their final single released April 1967.

\”Asian Chrome\” is perhaps The Chosen Few\’s most well known song having gained exposure on Boulders #7 back in the mid 80s. No doubt the sound quality was terrible on that thing so I would suggest finding a copy of the original 45.

The other side \”The Earth Above The Sky Below\” is a psychedelic pop gem, the lead vocals are strong and the background \’ba ba bah\’s\’ add a certain trippy texture. There is also an off-kilter recorder break, at least that\’s what I think it is. Most definitely a group with their own unique sound over their two single releases.

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