THE FREEBORNE – \”Yellow Sky\” (Monitor) May 1968

Readers may have noticed that I\’m covering 60s psych songs with either \’sky\’ or \’skies\’ within the song title. I never for one moment realized that there were so many until I started doing some research and flicked through my archive of 45s and vinyl LPs.

This leads me to obscure teenage group The Freeborne from Boston, Massachusetts. They released an album during May 1968 on the Monitor Record label and hung around long enough to make waves in their home domain.

My pick is the rather British influenced psych of \”Yellow Sky\” which is notable for it\’s trippy wah wah guitars, weaving drum patterns, la la la background vocals and off-kilter time changes.


  1. Chocolate Chip, Blue Flats, Orange Sunshine … A crack in the sky flashes green and purple…. “The Freeborne” a product of the times. Nice selection Colin. I first heard “The Freeborne” on Alison Steele’s (The Nightbird Show) (WNEW-FM) back in the day. Although what I remember Alison playing was “Visions Of My Own and Land Of Diana. And yes, “Visions Of My Own” carried the obligatory la la la background vocals.Thanks For The Sounds,TK


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