DONOVAN – \”The Summer Day Reflection Song\” (Marble Arch MAL 867) October 1965

One of my very favourite artists of all time is Donovan and he would easily fit in my personal Top 10 all-time greats. Out of interest my list would include The Byrds, The Monkees, Beau Brummels, Del Shannon, Johnny Kidd, Everly Brothers, The Easybeats, Syd\’s Pink Floyd and The Beatles.

Anyway, back to Donovan. My copy of the album \”Fairytale\” is the early 1969 re-issue on budget label Marble Arch. Just dig the psychedelic sleeve, it\’s something else. Curiously, the label omitted two songs from the original album released in October 1965. There\’s no \”Colours\” or \”The Little Tin Soldier.\”

My pick is the quite brilliant folk song \”The Summer Day Reflection Song\” which has 12 string contribution from Shawn Phillips. One of his most evocative creations.

\”Cat\’s a-sleeping in the sun,
Eyes take heed the colours call.
Sunlight patterns touch the wall,
Red kerchiefs sail and fall,
Cat\’s a sleeping in the sun.\”

Jackie magazine – December 1965

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