The 23RD TURNOFF – \”Michael Angelo\” / \”Leave Me Here\” (Deram DM-150) September 1967

The 23rd Turnoff were named after Junction 23 of the M6 Motorway which leads to Liverpool. Prior to renaming themselves The 23rd Turnoff they released singles as The Kirkby\’s. Check out their MODified merseybeat sound on \”It\’s A Crime.\”

The dreamy and hypnotic \”Michael Angelo\” is in my top three songs of all time and the original vinyl release is a sought after artifact, expect to pay a decent sum of money for the pleasure of owning such a beautiful and melancholic record. It has obvious Beatles overtones with the use of organ drone and \”Penny Lane\” style trumpets which add to the song\’s haunting quality.

Singer-songwriter Jimmy Campbell made three solo albums after The 23rd Turnoff called it quits.


  1. Love your blog & that 23rd Turnoff 45 is one of my favorites too! You said Jimmy Campbell did 3 solo albums & called it quits.. In case you are'nt already a fan you gotta hear his band ROCKIN'HORSE they back him on a few songs on \”Half Baked\” and they released an album on Phillips called \”Yes it it is\”in 1971. Their LP is also in my top of all time. They also toured UK as Chuck Berry's backing band. There is one song on youtube. Also a live album got released on a UK budget label..I haven't found it yet. Some day. Billy Kinsley from The Merseys was also in Rockin' Horse..So good! Lastly Billy Fury did some Jimmy Campbell songs like \”Green Eyed American Actress\”. This is stuff you may know..just in case tho, cos' Jimmy Campbell was an absolute songwriting genius so I always want to tell people about his music. Thanks again for all the great posts!


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