THE AFFECTION COLLECTION – \”The Collector\” (Evolution 2007) late 1969

The Affection Collection of every young individual is indeed a rare and precious one…even if only in memory. Some will remember with loving affection such things as knowing the feeling of being wanted and of being loved…and of building dreams for tomorrow.

You think of such things when you meet the young men who sport the name The Affection Collection. With hair just long enough to look neat…smiles a mile wide…and attitudes that would be a source of pride for anyone, anytime, anywhere, these boys drove to Norman Petty\’s studio in Clovis, New Mexico, with ideas in mind…ideas to record and to become successful in music.

Mike Doggett writes songs, plays the guitar and seems to be the thinker of the group, Hal Rowberry is the movie star material of the bunch with good looks that he is comfortably aware of. Hal sings and clowns a bit and seems to get along very well with all ladies…young and old!

Then you must meet Don Christensen who plays organ and piano, sings, and worries a great deal about the next six or seven meals per day. He even thought of marriage, but has decided that he is too young for that sort of thing at the present. Tim Comeau plays drums, worries about malnutrition and money, and tries to sleep a lot. Ray Hassell is the fire cracker of the group with enough drive to hustle anyone or anything! He may turn out to be America\’s youngest, richest, promotion man and plays bass on the side.

When you meet these boys, you may be surprised to learn that they are young…and old fashioned at the same time…just enough to be real. They look young, think young, have fun, and enjoy singing and making people happy with their music.

We at Stereo Dimension think that you will enjoy this collection, and that is the object of the affections of The Affection Collection.

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