THE STARFIRES – \”I Never Loved Her\” / \”Linda\” (G.I. Records 4001) May 1965

Here\’s a legendary record among 60s garage enthusiasts, The Starfires from Los Angeles with their intense and downright vicious tune \”I Never Loved Her\”. This side scored a maximum \”10\” in \’Teenbeat Mayhem\’ confirming it one of the true greats of the genre.

Original copies sell for over $1,000 nowadays and so are obviously outta the range of most collectors. However, I own a great sounding white label bootleg. My advice is to catch \’em while you can. The original copies have gold labels with red writing and no doubt sound even better than this bootleg. It\’s believed only 25 copies or less exist!

With it\’s pounding bass, snarling vocals, screams, snotty attitude and teen angst \”I Never Loved Her\” will live long in your memory.

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