JOHNNY KIDD & THE PIRATES – If You Were The Only Girl In The World\” / \”Feelin\” (HMV 45-POP-674) December 1959

The second Johnny Kidd single was one of his favourite songs \”If You Were The Only Girl In The World.\” This Music Hall standard went down well at gigs but after the previous rockin\’ single \”Please Don\’t Touch\” it was a let down and simply didn\’t sell.

As such it\’s not that easy to find nowadays. My copy is a white label demo. It appears that someone in the past has pressed out the middle for a Juke Box then regretted the decision and sellotaped it back in place!

Far superior is \”Feelin\” on the B-Side. This rocker with powerful guitar work and mean vocals would have been a much better choice for the single. I\’m sure it would have been a fine follow up to the classic \”Please Don\’t Touch.\”
\”Feelin\” was an instrumental composed by ex Freddie Heath Band member Pete Newman. Johnny Kidd liked it so much that he rearranged it and added lyrics.

recorded at EMI\’s Abbey Road Studios on the 2nd November, 1959
Johnny Kidd (vocals)
Alan Caddy (lead guitar)
Johnny Gordon (bass)
Tony Doherty (rhythm guitar)
Mike West and Tom Brown (backing vocals)
drummer – unknown.


  1. after success with their version of \”Shakin' All Over\” Canada's Guess Who did this tune retitled \”Baby Feelin,'\” pretty good I might add.


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