JOHNNY KIDD & THE PIRATES – \”Jealous Girl\” / \”Shop Around\” (HMV POP 1309) June 1964

Attractive harmonies from HMV\’s Johnny Kidd, singing in unison with The Pirates in the medium twister \”Jealous Girl.\” The effect – combined with the plaintive quality of the material, vibratos, vocal gimmicks and twanging guitars gives it a pronounced Mersey sound.
Easy on the ear with an ideal beat for dancers. I\’m very surprised that Johnny\’s last disc didn\’t make it, maybe this will do better.
Johnny adopts more of an R&B approach to the solo voice \”Shop Around.\” Plodding monkey type beat, with organ. (NME review – June, 1964)

A tuneful rather plaintive number from Johnny, with much more commercial appeal than his last disc. It\’s an ultra commercial Liverpool styled danceable beater with some good vocalising from Johnny, and plenty of multi tracking. Flip is the old Miracles\’ number given a good treatment by Johnny and the Boys. (Record Mirror review – June, 1964)

Johnny Kidd (vocals)
Mick Green (lead guitar)
Johnny Spence (bass)
Frank Farley (drums)
Vic Cooper (keyboards)
recorded 14/05/64

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