JOHNNY KIDD & THE PIRATES – \”Whole Lotta Woman\” / \”Your Cheating Heart\” (HMV POP 1353) October 1964

The old Marvin Rainwater hit is given a beaty fast treatment via Johnny. Tune doesn\’t come too well, and an organ helps things along. Good vocal but not his best disc. (Record Mirror review – October, 1964)

When Marvin Rainwater scored a No. 1 hit with his self penned \”A Whole Lotta Woman,\” it was essentially a C&W number. Now HMV\’s Johnny Kidd & The Pirates transform it to the R&B idiom. A bouncy medium fast shaker, with the boys maintaining a driving beat and organ prominent in the backing, it\’s totally different from the original. But stands up to the adaption admirably. And Johnny\’s in sparkling form.

Another country speciality, Hank Williams\’ \”Your Cheating Heart\” is here handled as a big beat ballad, with a thundering rhythm and organ again supplying the R&B quality. (NME review – October, 1964)

Johnny Kidd (vocals)
Mick Green (lead guitar)
Johnny Spence (bass)
Frank Farley (drums)
Vic Cooper (keyboards)
recorded 06/04/64

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