THE MERSEYBEATS – \”Wishin\’ And Hopin\” / \”Milkman\” (Fontana TF 482) July 1964

Dusty Springfield is enjoying a chart success in the States with Burt Bacharach – Hal David number \”Wishin\’ And Hopin,\” and I\’m quite sure The Merseybeats will do so in this country. Although not written specially for them, it\’s a melodic and subdued rockaballad of the type they do so well.

Unusually conceived clipped staccato phrases, it develops into a lilting theme well suited to this group\’s hushed-voice approach. The rhythm is compelling, with tambourine prominent. Should do well!

An orthodox twister of no outstanding merit apart from it\’s insidious beat, the Tony Crane – Johnny Gustafson composition \”Milkman\” nevertheless makes an adequate B-Side. On Fontana. (NME review – July, 1964)

The Bacharach – David number is given a smooth ballad treatment from the lads who put a lot of genuine feeling in it. A different sort of ballad sound with a powerful build and build sound. It\’s already a hit for Dusty in the States, and it must be a very big one for this competent group here.  
Flip comes from their LP and the film \”Just For You\”. It\’s a jaunty light-hearted beat ballad with a good danceable beat. (Record Mirror review – July, 1964)

Charted #13

NME – July 1964
NME – July 1964
Record Mirror – July 1964

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