THE MERSEYBEATS – THE MERSEYBEATS (studio album on Fontana)

THE MERSEYBEATS – \”The Merseybeats\” (Fontana) June 1964

On to The Merseybeats, who turn in a surprisingly versatile performance all the way. Why surprising? Simply because it\’s easy to get the wrong impression about a group\’s capabilities purely from singles. On this powerful collection, the boys really ring the changes.

There\’s a stack of originals. But also things like Richard Tauber\’s old big-tenor song \”My Heart And I\”, Rodgers And Hammerstein\’s \”Hello, Young Lovers\”, Irving Berlin\’s \”The Girl That I Marry\”.

Off we go, \”Milkman\” is perky, brisk, written by Tony Crane and Johnny Gustafson. A nice opener. But \”Young Lovers\” really swings, with lead voice galloping a beat laden track. \”He Will Break Your Heart\” next, followed by \”Funny Face\” – a new song of that name. A talkie-sort of opening which is quite effective. \”Really Mystified\”, with it\’s hand-clapping insistence, comes off well at mid tempo. Then comes \”The Girl That I Marry\”, delicately harmonised, utterly different – and compulsively satisfying.

\”Fools Like Me\” has a country styled approach. Then comes \”My Heart And I\” – unusual. Sam Cooke\’s \”Bring It On Home To Me\” gets a rather inferior treatment mainly because they can\’t find the true Gospel feeling. \”Lavender Blue\” gets an efficient Sammy Turner type treatment. \”Jumping Jonah\” rocks like crazy and \”Don\’t Turn Around\”, a Lee Stirling number, is a good finale.

Summing up: Colleague Norman Jopling says: I think a little more care could have been taken over some of the slower tracks. Then it could have been a similar level to, say, the Stones or Beatles LP.
And I say: I think it\’s an excellently varied set. I was knocked out by their efforts to create (a) versatility and (b) originality. (Record Mirror review – June 1964)


NME – June 1964
Record Mirror – June 1964

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