THE MERSEYBEATS – \”I Love You, Yes I Do\” / \”Good, Good Lovin\” (Fontana TF 607) September 1965

Produced by Who co-manager Kit Lambert it has a rater dated sound. A James Brown song but lacking impact. (Record Mirror review – October, 1965)

A change of style for The Merseybeats showcases them in a beat-ballad, \”I Love You, Yes I Do,\” belted on a deep echo by the leader with \’oh yeah\’ falsetto chanting and humming. Crashing drums and a plodding thump beat complete the backing.
Rather a strange disc, really – a blend of sweet corn and the Liverpool sound! But it\’s a strong melody and a powerful performance, which should be more than sufficient to sell it. Fontana label.

In complete contrast is the wild ravin\’ rocker \”Good, Good Loving,\” with raucous guitar work, handclaps, shout style vocal and enthusiasm a-plenty. (NME review – October, 1965)  

Charted #22

Norway release

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