THE MERSEYBEATS – \”Last Night\” / \”See Me Back\” (Fontana TF 504) October 1964

Technically, \”Last Night\” (Fontana) is one of the best discs The Merseybeats have yet recorded. But they may have difficulty climbing high with it, due to the current intense competition from other groups. A mid tempo shaker with a typical Liverpool sound – vibrant unison vocal, strumming, pounding beat, and ear catching harmonies – it has a melody that grows on you. I wasn\’t so keen at first, but after three spins I\’d changed my mind.

An even more strident sound for \”See Me Back.\” The heavily insistent beat is irresistible, but the melody takes a back seat. (NME review – October, 1964)

Latest from the frilly Liverpool team is again on the ballad kick. It\’s a plaintive soft shuffle beater with a build-and-build sound and tender vocal work in strange contrast to the bizarre appearance. Heavy slow beat and good tune. Obviously a hit. Flip is a solid thumper with a medium pace beat and fair tune. (Record Mirror review – October, 1964)

Charted #40

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