THE MONOTONES – \”It\’s Great\” / \”Anymore\” (Pye 7N.15640) April 1964

I must admit to not knowing much about The Monotones until I started researching the group after buying their second single \”It\’s Great\” from early 1964, right at the height of the Beat Boom.
There is loads of information about the Monotones here so I won\’t dwell too much on their history.

\”It\’s Great\” is a fine uptempo beat number which would have been even better with a savage lead guitar break but sadly these boys or their producer kept the freak outta the beat. The other side \”Anymore\” is much slower and in beat ballad mode. A decent two-sider and I\’ll be looking out for their other singles released during February 1964 to April 1965.

I also collect vintage 60s music magazines and have found some Monotones items in my FABulous mag archives. The double page pictures and article date from 20th June 1964 edition while the group photo and information is scanned from FABulous 6th February, 1965.

2 thoughts on “THE MONOTONES – IT\’S GREAT

  1. Cool Pictures! There was a great article in Garage Hangover. And indeed, It's Great done by Nuremberg's Jonah & the Whales is a cool cover.


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