ANDY ELLISON – \”It\’s Been A Long Time\” / \”Arthur Green\” (Track 604018) December 1967

Andy Ellison\’s \”It\’s Been A Long Time\” ranks as one of my fave rave orchestrated pop psych tunes from the late 1960s. This cut is from the original motion picture soundtrack of \”Here We Go \’Round The Mulberry Bush\” filmed and recorded in 1967 but not released until the following year.
A copy of this sought after single sold a few months ago for £140, sadly I was well beaten in the bidding war and came up short but I decided to download the image from the eBay sale and research the disc.

Most interesting feature of this single is that it comes from the soundtrack of the movie \”Here We Go \’Round The Mulberry Bush.\” It\’s a poignant, almost sad song – with the scoring of sighing cellos, solo trumpet and muffled tambourine establishing a suitably plaintive mood.
The descriptive lyric is impressively performed by Andy Ellison  – though it loses a little out of context. (music press record review) 

Andy Ellison sang \”It\’s Been A Long Time\” on the film\’s soundtrack. He recalls that Simon Napier-Bell was editing the music score at a cutting room in Old Compton Street while the legendary Beatles project Magical Mystery Tour was being edited next door. It appears that Donner and Napier-Bell were not happy with the romantic music written for the Judy Geeson character, Mary. At the last moment Napier-Bell suggested a piece that he had written and which had already been recorded, namely \”It\’s Been A Long Time.\”

Donner liked the recording, so it appeared in the finished film. However by this time, the credit sequences for the movie had all been filmed and the front cover of the album had already been sent to the printers, so it was too late for Ellison\’s name to be featured, though Napier-Bell feels contractual reasons might also have played a part in it.

Napier-Bell sequenced the various music strands well. The film title song was set against Richard Williams pop art credits. The Andy Ellison track played when Mary is on screen, is also heard in varying forms throughout the film. (CD liners – RPM re-issue)


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