THE BEACON STREET UNION – \”My Love Is\” (MGM SE-4517) January 1968

A new mystery is dying and with it Spring. The last band of coastal brigands is crawling down the mountain to visit us but it will never find the road back, good, good, let them rot in the stifling air of their flowerspun graves.

Look to another mountain far from the international date line. Find the desert\’s mystic dawn, the cave where eyes are nothing, the glacier where the living die – and there is the beauty they could never find. Look into the grave, look into a truth that is still, look into the land of the prophet.
Look past the living streets of Boston. Look, finally, into the eyes of the Beacon Street Union.
(recitation by Tom Wilson)

Billboard – February 1968
Billboard – January 1968
backing Chuck Berry in 1967

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