THE SMALL FACES – \”Small Faces\” (Decca LK 4790) May 1966

How did the Small Faces get their name?
Just one look at them is sufficient to see that they do indeed have small faces.
The Small Faces were formed in the East End of London, and within ten weeks of their formation had a SMASH hit with their record \”What\’Cha Gonna Do About It\”.
Even at this early stage in their career they were acclaimed as the most exciting group on the scene,
It took the Small Faces many months of hard work developing their own unique sound to produce this, their first LP.

The tracks on this album represent the Small Faces as they like to be heard.

Steve Marriott – lead guitar and vocals
Steve was born in Stepney. He first played ukelele, and then graduated to the guitar. He played a star part in \”Oliver\” at the age of twelve, and then went on to play parts in films and on television.

Ronnie \”Plonk\” Lane – bass guitar and vocals
Ronnie, or \”Plonk\” as he is usually known, was born in Plaistow, East London. He started work in a fair-ground, and it was there that he took up the guitar.

Kenny Jones – drums
Kenny was born in Stepney. At the age of 14 he obtained a second hand drum kit and taught himself to play. He worked in a musical instrument shop until the Small Faces were formed.

Ian \”Mac\” McLagan – organ, guitar and vocals
Ian was born in Hounslow. First of all, he played guitar with a semi-professional group, then switched to organ, and is now rated as one of the leading organists in the country.

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