THE FLOWERPOT MEN – \”Let\’s Go To San Fransisco\” Parts 1 & 2 (Deram 17.003) August 1967

Records are getting more and more complicated. This Flowerpot Men is a fine example, apart from being a sort of National Anthem for the Flower-children. It covers both sides of the single and is really about everyone going to SF because that\’s where it\’s beautiful and sunny and flowering.

The song, split into two separate movements – a very slow part where they actually GET there that starts the second side, and a faster beginning and end – was written by Ken Lewis and Perry Ford. It\’s very hard to judge it\’s chart chances even though it has a very nice tune, but it should do very well in America.
(Penny Valentine review – Disc & Music Echo – 29/07/67)

UK Chart Position:


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