NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY – \”Love Me Two Times\” / \”Which Way To Go\” (MU 1045) October 1968

A rather bizarre name for a group who were probably based in London during the late sixties but whose members were from the West Yorkshire region. Terry Stokes and Dave Bower were in mid sixties beat group The Cherokees but it appears that they formed this new outfit when the latter had run it\’s course, adding Brian Morris and Topper Clay.

 \”Love Me Two Times\” is a memorable cover of the Doors classics, the other side written by Morris is a worthy blues rocker. A collection of New York Public Library recordings is long overdue, perhaps even throw in their beat period as The Cherokees to create a fuller package.

UK Chart Position: None

as per Alphabeat Annual 1969:
Brian and Topper joined Terry and Dave of New York Public Library in November 1967. They had met while playing in different groups in Germany, found they had the same ideas and feelings about music and remained in close contact. It was only a matter of time before they were able to get together.

It took a few months to find the number they felt was right for them to record. They also played regularly at Universities, Colleges and London clubs such as The Speakeasy, Sybilla\’s and Blaises.

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