OUR PATCH OF BLUE – \”Zoom, Zoom, Zoom\” / \”Lily White\” (Warner Bros 7257) December 1968

This is a very obscure bubblegum rocker from late 1968. With it\’s bass heavy beat, fuzz, organ and handclaps this one could have really hit big but I don\’t think the tune caught on. I\’ve read elsewhere that Our Patch Of Blue were from Rhode Island, I don\’t know if this is accurate so if anyone knows for sure leave a comment. I compiled this side more than a decade ago for my Fragments Volume 1 set for the now defunct U-Spaces group.

\”Zoom, Zoom, Zoom\” was co-written by Bernie De Cesare and Pat Zomba, the flip \”Lily White\” is also one of their dual songwriting efforts. The producer on this disc was Vini Poncia known for his fine work with The Tradewinds and The Innocence.

Cover versions were recorded by Agentinian group Los Barbaros and in a heavier style by Australian outfit The Cam-Pacts.


  1. Certainly obscure! I can't find anything much about them although I've written about the song. Every now and then I look around again to see if anything more about them has surfaced. Years ago I had an email from a brother of one of the writers and I think he was my source for locating them in Rhode Island. Pat Zompa had a bit of a presence online, he's commented at YouTube on posts of the song, but he seems to be inactive now. He even had an Our Patch Of Blue Facebook page but it's now defunct, before I got a chance to look at it. Everything I know is here (scroll down from the Australian band at the top): poparchives.com.au/980/cam-pact/zoom-zoom-zoom [One small thing, I'm sure it's Zompa, not Zomba, although the only mention of 'Zoom Zoom Zoom' I can see at US Copyright Office spells it Zomba, a typo that may have been repeated elsewhere. BMI and the guy himself spell it Zompa.]


  2. PS: I found an old email (2008), from a musician who worked with de Cesare in the 70s. He confidently wrote that they were a \”bar band from R.I.\”. Maybe I heard from someone's brother as well, but probably doesn't matter.


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