MANFRED MANN – \”Mighty Garvey!\” (Fontana TL5470) June 1968

Record Buyer: \”Your light hearted manner suggests this is a fun-album.\”
Indeed, Dear Sir or Madam. Here is a group that have no wish to freak you out, turn you on, over or off. They are one of those rare groups left in the entertainment business who still believe it is their purpose to entertain. It is their earnest hope that when hearing Tom \’The K\’ McGuinness introduce Eddie \’Fingers\’ Garvey on \”Happy Families\” a smile may flicker across your face and that when Ed Garvey and His Trio commence \”Happy Families\” you may laugh out loud. In fact when Edwin O\’ Garvey and His Showband take you for your \”Limp Down Memory Lane\” you may wish to become ever so slightly hysterical.

Record Buyer: \”Perhaps you could highlight some other attractions on the album.\”
By all means. Three of the tracks were originally produced by Mike Hurst on which Klaus Voorman evinces thrush-like flute on \”No Better No Worse\” – the melodic qualities of Mike Hugg\’s composition, \”It\’s So Easy Falling\” made it a potential single and the lyric content of Tom McGuinness\’ composition \”Cubist Town\” warrants special attention.

One slightly wistful song is \”Everyday Another Hair Turns Grey\” which features Mike Hugg on harpsichord and is vocalised with a tender antiquity by D\’Abo. Beautiful production and the kind of all round instrumental work which gives this group it\’s deserved reputation for musicianship.

\”The Vicar\’s Daughter\” is another of those delightful auto-biographical D\’Abo songs with Manfred doing his famous impression of a string section. \”Harry The One Man Band\” features snatches of Mike Hugg\’s vocal ability in the introduction and some interesting clockwork drumming techniques amongst the other amusing interpolations of mouth music and sound effects. This is really a showcase for the instrumental ability and production of the group.

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