THE FALLEN ANGELS – FALLEN ANGELS (Roulette SR 25358) September 1967

The Fallen Angels have fallen away from the ordinary musical approach into something extra-communicable. (And the cow jumped over the moon). Their ability to communicate with their audience, starts with the kind of understanding they have created, first amongst themselves. (The dish ran away with the spoon).

They are not just a new group with a new sound, it\’s more of something you\’re unable to put into words. Their music is their own, and doesn\’t fit into any categories.

It\’s like taking pop music, exploiting it to it\’s limit, and pulling it into a new dimension of time and sound. Lend a hand to the Fallen Angels and they will pull you in….bring you up or down, and make you (Wanna steal your mother\’s shoe). They honestly love to addict people to their music and they do (Shoo-be-dooo).

(ephemera from Jeff Jarema and Doug McCullough)


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