THE EPITOME – \”I Need You\” / \”Flower Power\” (Mona Lee Records 219) April 1968

I\’ve had this 45 for many years, every so often I\’ll search the net for information about The Epitome…. but nothing. They released a second single \”I Can\’t Face Myself\” / \”Sleep\” on Kama Sutra in 1969 but that one isn\’t my scene.

\”I Need You\” is a slow tempo cover version of The Other Half\’s savage and speaker shredding pounder. I dig Epitome\’s languid psychedelic style, loads of organ and Monkees style background harmonies. The flip \”Flower Power\” is a jaunty flower children bubblegum pop tune.

I\’ve been informed that they were a New York group, the singer/songwriter Billy Hocher was later in Bulldog (2 LPs in the seventies) with the ex-Rascals Gene Cornish and Dino Danelli.

\”Words can be like empty flowers
Bloom and die in just one day.\”

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