THE STORYBOOK – Beads Of Innocence\” / \”Psych-Out\” (Sidewalk 940) 1968

The Storybook, genuine group or studio musicians? They left behind five numbers, all compiled on film soundtrack \”Psych Out\”. I\’ve long since thought that they were studio hustlers laying down these very decent acid trippers but now I\’m not so convinced.

The songwriter for The Storybook songs was Ronald Stein who was employed by American International Pictures to create music for low budget and exploitation films in the late 1950s and most of the 1960s. Perhaps his songs were recorded by a Sunset Strip group and their name was changed to The Storybook for the soundtrack album? Who knows. I\’m sure the truth will be out they somewhere.

Sidewalk released one Storybook single presumably to send to Radio Stations to promote the film \”Psych Out\” – my copy came housed in a sleeve, they probably all did! \”Beads Of Innocence\” is a beautifully tripped-out piece of aural opulence driven along by a background charm of finger cymbals, what sounds like a glockenspiel, studio sound FX, languid guitar and dreamy vocals.
The other side \”Psych-Out\” is a way-out mind tormentor.

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