THE BYRDS – \”Goin\’ Back\” / \”Change Is Now\” (CBS 5300) 1977

I started day dreaming at work today and my thoughts drifted to the music of the Byrds. They\’re my favourite group of all time you see. Only the Beatles and Love are at the same level. BUT that\’s just my opinion of course. Anyway, I longed to play \”Change Is Now\” when I got home and back to my beloved Technics SL-1200G

This song is a fine example of their magic. Moving through a country chorus it becomes a droning masterpiece with a way-out acid lift off to third eye territory with mystical mind explosions, backwards guitar, pumping bass, the harmonies, psychedelic bewilderment.

I was sure I had an original UK release on CBS but it\’s gone! Or I never had it…that is the trouble when you\’ve got an archive of about 8,000+ 45s!!! Hard to keep up with
my collection. I only have this 1977 stereo re-press with \”Goin\’ Back\” as the plug side.
Must change that soon with an original MONO copy

the Byrds are a creative zenith. They sit on thrones above the celestial sphere.

Four days after realizing that I did not have a \”Lady Friend\” / \”Change Is Now\” CBS mono 45 a copy arrived @ EXPO67 HQ this morning. I found this online at a record shop in Plymouth. Looks and plays GREAT. Sound is loud and dynamic. You just can\’t beat 1960s mono 45s.

\”Truth is real, truth is real
That which is not real does not exist.\”


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