THE GREEN TELESCOPE – \”Turnin\’ Out\” (Psycho Records 35) 1985

Until we get a long deserved Green Telescope retrospective we\’ll have to make do with the selection of cuts found on singles and obscure vinyl only compilations from the mid 1980s, including \”Turnin\’ Out\” from \”The Waking Dream.\”

\”The Waking Dream\” also showcased recordings by Mood Six, Sleep Creature & the Vampires, Palace Of Light and The Magic Mushroom Band. Those other bands are not my scene and for my particular head space The Green Telescope rise like Scottish Nobles above the others.

These Edinburgh based outsiders contributed three songs. The frantic acid punk gem \”Turnin\’ Out\” and a cover version of The Calico Wall\’s \”I\’m A Living Sickness\” as well as another self penned number \”Can\’t Step Off The Path.\” These recordings were the first to be available on vinyl by The Green Telescope and predate their first single / EP \”Two By Two\” on Imaginary Records.

Lenny Helsing (guitar and vocals)
Bruce Lyall (farfisa organ)
Gavin Henderson (drums)
Steve Fraser (bass)

All songs recorded at Sound Site, May 1985 and produced and engineered by Ron Real. The gig photos have been taken from their Facebook page. Go here for more information and ephemera.

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