Nothing better than spinning baroque psych records on a cold and rainy day in England. There\’s plenty of sunshine within the grooves of this 45 for instance to make the dreariness go away.
\”Snow Queen\” was written by the famed Goffin-King partnership and The Byzantine Empire totally nail it. Love those soaring harmonies and dreamy quality… now it\’s time for a cuppa and some biscuits.

Get ready for lift off….3…..2…..1……. Houston, we\’re on our way to fuzzadelic infinity and beyond with this 1968 doom laden psychedelic number by a group of teenagers from North Providence, Rhode Island. On Pebbles #3

Back in the box of \”J\” records, this time it\’s The Joint Effort from Los Angeles. They played the clubs and dives on the Sunset Strip. If 1967 psychedelic folk rock is your tab of acid look no further cos this one really flips. \”The Third Eye\” indeed!

More \”J\” flower psychedelia. A Doors song given a way-out Mama\’s and the Papa\’s treatment. Love thee production on this number.

Raking about in a box of \”J\” records and gave this bubblegum psych pounder a spin. Quite late in the day, 1969 release I believe, but this is Primitive with loads of compact organ. Seeds like sound throughout. Where do you get a \”Voodoo Medicine Man\” when you want one? 

Get ready for lift off it\’s a \”Cream Puff War\” and not what you\’d expect from a group of acid hippies. This is a short and most beautiful psychedelic rocker.

Blame it on \”J\”esus for leading me to thee box of \”J\” records. 😹🐾 This one is by a group of outsiders from the Newburgh area of NYC. They dressed like Mexicans for a photo shoot and I think they had real moustaches, not the comedy stick on gear 🐾 Don\’t expect hippie music, this is \’67 garage psych noise.

Last 45 before I go and crack open another Easter egg and hand feed my good Lady with raw liver.
His Majesty\’s Coachmen is not only a sensational name for a group their record sounds a dream too. Jangle rocker, same kinda scene as The Dovers and we all know how great they were.
Love the \”Gemini\” label logo. An all round classy disc, from August 1966. Probably from Los Angeles.

What can I say about this insane fuzz tormentor from The Music Machine? This was released in June 1967, same time as Sgt Peppers….and the sonic assault couldn\’t be any more different. These outsiders were still living in caves in another dimension….😹😹🐾
My record on Original Sound has got the walls slipping and slidin\’ 🐾🐾🐾

My cats 🐱 are giving me evils, it\’s so loud and unnerving they wanna bust my skull with a brick.

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