THE LORDS – \”Death Bells At Dawn\” / \”Light Rain\” (Aldrich ALD 1001) December 1966

This is quite a stupendous disc, both sides are great but I would say \”Death Bells At Dawn\” is an absolute classic. It\’s a most beautiful haunting lysergic ballad with trippy organ, reverb guitar, subtle drums and mysterious vocals giving the song an almost other worldly sound.

Not a great deal is known about the Lords and I have seen no band shot although I believe they were a popular combo in New Jersey. According to \’Teenbeat Mayhem\’ they hailed from Morris Plains.
If anyone knows anything about them please get in touch because I\’d love to know more.

The other side \”Light Rain\” is less immediate but still holds my interest and it\’s worth repeated plays. It\’s another languid performance but with some jangle, organ and pleasant vocals. Hearing these two songs it\’s obvious that the Lords were talented and it\’s such a shame that only this Aldrich 45 was released by them.


  1. This from a YouTube comment by Max Myndblown at (NJ) Personnel:CRAIG BARRY drDAVE JOHNSONFRED LANGWARREN MILLERSometime in the mid-80s, when the venerated Tim Warren was still running Crypt Records out of Morristown, New Jersey and putting out the odd sales list of old vinyl, I took a punt on an unknown 45 by one of many bands called The Lords, and struck gold. What wasn't known then was that this band had been VERY local, formed by students at Morristown High School.Light Rain (written by Warren Miller) is an intensely moody “loser ballad” with pealing guitar and gently lilting keyboards.Death Bells At Dawn (written by Dave Johnson) is a masterclass in morbidity and teenage torment – plenty of moaning and wailing over haunting keyboard runs and self-harm strumming. I'm not the only one to have succumbed to it – DBAD first reappeared on Brain Shadows (LP), then Sixties Rebellion Vol.11: Hydrogen Atom (LP/CD), 30 Seconds Before The Calico Wall (CD), and Acid And Flowers (CD).The label name is explained by one poster on youtube; they were managed by Murray “The J” Jankowitz, owner of local music store Aldrich Piano And Organ. According to another poster, Stereotype5346, band leader Dave Johnson later formed Wintergreen and was in The Leslie West Wild West Show while drummer Craig Barry went on to form Kinderhook Creek and played at NYC's Schaefer Music Festival in the 70s.


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