Archaeological sonic digs uncovering tomorrow\’s nuggets today. Hear garage punk, beat, fuzz mayhem and psychedelic sounds from the turn of the new Millennium by new, vital and way-out combos. Selections culled from 45s released on independent record labels.

the Concept:

* each Anchor (my podcast host) episode will have no more than twelve numbers including the intro. 
* the intro will be the opening theme tune from a sixties or early seventies TV Show. Sometimes from a film from the same period. 
* every Anchor episode will by 24bit resolution and a 320kbps MP3. 
* the covers are scanned from my sixties pop and fashion magazines. 
* every episode will be available for streaming via my Anchor account and are also available at iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, Overcast and YouTube. Simply search for \”Parthian Shots\” or follow the links below.

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