THE BEEVILLE HIVE V – \”Beer, Beer, Beer\” (Satellite Records RAW 7) 1988 

The other day Lenny posted this rare photo of his group The Beeville Hive V on his Thanes Facebook page and it inspired me into making a You Tube video for their number \”Beer, Beer, Beer\” which according to Lenny was the only recording of theirs that ever made in onto vinyl. Fortunately Satellite Records were able to satisfy demand on their Raw Cuts – Volume 7 compilation from 1988.

\”Beer, Beer, Beer\” is raw and primal inebriated garage beat and sounds like it was produced by a pilled-up Morlock inside a Crypt and that\’s what makes it such a brilliantly conceived artifact. This was the late 80s remember and absolutely nothing sounded as dirty as this.

Our Highland mop-top Cavemen keep wailing for their beer,beer, beer and of course they get their beer and drink, drink, drink. The number slowly comes to it\’s ending in a crescendo of indistinguishable noise and what can only be described akin to a drunken hangover. The boys had drank their beer and all that remained was a pile of crushed Tartan Special cans and sore heads.

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