I decided a couple of weeks ago to focus my attention on 1970s punk and new wave records. I have always added pieces to my archives whenever possible but for the past thirty odd years my primary focus has been 1960s psychedelia and garage 45s from America.

With this in mind 2020 will be the year when I shift my complete attention to records that were released during the late 70s in particular punk rock records and what was known as pub rock over here in Britain. I will also add new wave items and early 1980s indie style edgy pop gems.

I have boxes of this kind of gear, mainly singles collected over the decades since I was a teenager. My punk album archive needs some work though. I\’m not interested in re-issues or modern day pressings. Only original 70s pressings will adorn my collection.

To keep my focus intact I have created a Mixcloud page called \”77ResistAnce\” and it will be here where I\’ll add DJ mixes from my records.

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