SIOUXSIE & the BANSHEES – \”Hong Kong Garden\” / \”Voices\” (Polydor 2059 052) August 1978

I\’ve been writing about my records here since 2007 and have covered Siouxsie & the Banshees a few times but not for the last nine years! So it\’s about time I concentrated on their debut disc today.

The group were one of first punk rock outfits but were one of the last to get signed to a record deal. I\’ve read that A&R men were too scared to go to Banshees gigs because they often erupted in violence and Siouxsie was something of a control freak and openly held the music industry in contempt. This may explain why it took until the Summer of \’78 for their first single to come out on the Polydor label.

\”Hong Kong Garden\” is notable for John McKay\’s oriental guitar motif which gives it that unique sound. Strong radio plays, exposure in the music press and an appearance on Top Of The Pops ensured that the record went Top 10.

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